Bulk SMS Service

Transactional Bulk SMS Service

Send Transactional Bulk SMS in India to DND/Non DND Number 24 X 7 with SENDER ID using SMS template based system

Sending Transactional SMS in India is now possible, even on DND (Do Not Disturb)/NDNC registered numbers. At MATESHWARI PUBLICITY, we understand how important it is to send SMS to your employee, customer or business associate which is not promotional in nature but message didn't get deliver on DND registered numbers. Here is the solution, using our Transactional SMS Service you can send SMS to any number (both DND and Non-DND) any time. What all you have to do is to get your SMS template approved from MATESHWARI PUBLICITY Once template is approved by us, you will be having the system either using control panel/API to send transactional SMS. More to that your transactional SMS will go with 6 Characters ALPHA sender id, which helps your users to identify your brand/company name easily.

How does SMS Template for transactional SMS work?

SMS template is a format of SMS in which you send the SMS to the user, it may be same for each user or may have variable content in it. The SMS goes strictly as per the approved template only, if you change the template even with one character then SMS will not go. Please read the example below for your reference.

Static SMS Template: The school will remain closed tomorrow due to heavy rain.

For the above mentioned static SMS example, you need to get the entire content approved and it is subject to approval from MATESHWARI PUBLICITY & governing authorities.

Dynamic SMS Template:

  • Dear XXXX ,To check your accounts pls visit on our site www.xyz.com, Your TradeWeb Login ID XXXX Password XXXX.
  • Dear XXXX, Welcome to MATESHWARI PUBLICITY. Your Trading Code is XXXX Your e-mail id registered with us is XXXX.
  • Your account XXXX has been debited by an amount of Rs XXXX being penalty as levied by NSE for Shortage in Margin deposit.
  • Dear XXXX with us. Please clear the debit XXXX.
  • XYZ Airlines. Your Ticket XXXX has been confirmed. Travel Date:XXXX Your arrival time XXXX Hrs and departure time XXXX Hrs. Flight Number XXXX
  • Dear Student, Your XXXX with us. Please make the payment within XXXX.

In the above mentioned dynamic SMS template, values marked in XXXX are variable values and rest is static content. Please get your template designed as per the above given reference examples and send us the templates with 6 digit sender id.

Sender ID guidelines:

  • Must be 6 digits only, not less than or more than 6 characters
  • Can have characters only A to Z or a to z NO special charcter or space or numeric
  • Must represent your company, no generic words e.g. PROMOS

"Transactional message" means an SMS containing only

  • Information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company;
  • Information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation;
  • Information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students;
  • Information sent by e-commerce agencies in response to ecommerce transactions made by their customers;
  • Information sent by a company or a firm or depository participant, registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) or Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) or Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) or National Commodity & Derivative Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX) or Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX) to its clients pertaining to the account of the client;
  • Information sent by a registered company to its employees or agents or to its customers pertaining to services or goods to be delivered to such customers;

Transactional SMS Gateway will be allocated only to following category of business for sending transactional messages

  • Registered Companies
  • Registered Banks & Financial Institution
  • Insurance Company
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Registered Education Instituted (Only for sending information to parents)
  • Airlines & Railway (Only for sending ticket & PNR details to passengers)
  • Stock Market Alerts (Only to subscribed customers)
  • E-Commerce website sending response to ecommerce transactions made by their customers

Promotional Bulk SMS Service

Sending Bulk SMS

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Promotional Bulk SMS Packages

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After a thorough market research our bulk sms rates have been quoted. So we are 100% confident that you can't get this service in today's market as a lower rates than that of ours.

  • All Prices are including IUC (Interconnect Usage Charges)
  • No Hidden Fees, No Monthly Rent
  • Service will be activated only after confirmation of payment.
  • Total Payment will be done Prepaid.

All SMS will be sent using a fixed Sender ID provided by the Operator (as per TRAI Rules) and detailed report with phone number & delivery report can be tracked real time from your account control panel.

Mobile(DND) Numbers registered at www.nccptrai.gov.in are auto filtered (blocked) at our server & sms credits will not be deducted from your sms account. Please refer to TRAI regulations for promotional sms.